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Where Children Grow!

Little Sprouts Montessori Preschool provides a quality education for children from 9 months until 6 years.
We offer 20 hours of free education for children three years and older and do not ask for any donations.

At Little Sprouts each child's needs, interests and abilities are woven into the program to help them develop to their fullest potential and become independent and confident with a love of learning.

The preschool has two classrooms to cater for the different ages but there are still times that the centre becomes one allowing all the children to interact.

This has many benefits, it makes transition from the younger room (1-3 years) into the older room (3-6 years) easier and many siblings also enjoy both time together and time in their own rooms, children develop leadership skills and become roles models as well as having older children to learn from and encourage risk taking and problem solving.

The outside garden makes full use of the natural environment including trees for shade and climbing, equipment that fosters gross motor skills and helps with developing cooperation with peers all in a child centered environment.

If you would like to know more about our centre feel free to call in to 72 Domain Road Whakatane or phone 3089155.